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Whilst we work across all hazard areas, our passion is for biosecurity. Developing the capability, capacity and systems of clients to manage the impact or minimise the risk of pest or disease outbreaks and be ready to respond and recover is at the core of our work. Being prepared to respond to pest and disease outbreaks also needs to be at the core of any business that works in or with an agricultural sector. The impacts and consequences of an outbreak are far-reaching and can be prolonged; taking years to recover at times.

Learn how we apply our decades of biosecurity risk management and emergency preparedness and response management experience to support our clients.

Industry Organisations and Associations

We work with industry bodies to identify what they need in place to inform and support their members to manage their biosecurity risks on- and off-farm and throughout their supply chains as well as prepare for outbreaks.

This includes awareness training on the national and local arrangements for managing outbreaks, how industry bodies fit into government response efforts and decision-making and what systems and procedures organisations need to have in place to assist their members.

Business Support

"Shared responsibility" is a term commonly used in biosecurity. It means that government is not the sole actor in the biosecurity system that protects our agricultural sectors and natural environment - everyone has a role, whether they create biosecurity risks by importing or moving materials, products or goods that could carry pests or diseases or they benefit from being protected from pests and diseases.


We work with individuals and businesses to identify how pests and diseases could impact on their livelihoods and what options they have available to minimise the risks and ensure business continuity.

This includes support to develop property and supply chain biosecurity plans, provide staff training to detect and respond to pests and diseases and minimise the risk of their introduction and develop contingency and continuity plans.

Government Agencies

With decades of experience working in and with government agencies around Australia and internationally, we are experienced in program design, delivery and evaluation, community and stakeholder engagement, emergency preparedness and response, debriefs and After Action Reviews and legislation, strategy, policy & procedure development to manage biosecurity risks.

We work with government hazard management agencies to scope their responsibility, assess their capability and capacity and develop programs to enhance their preparedness.

Biosecurity Emergency Response Training


Biosecurity emergency responses are characterised by their Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). Managing this VUCA factor, and the impact on responders in working in this type of environment, means that theoretical learning in itself is insufficent and can set staff, and a response, up to fail. A critical part of our approach to biosecurity response training is ensuring learners have the opportunity to practice skills and experience the VUCA nature of a response in a safe, supportive learning environment that focuses on developing their knowledge, confidence and competence to fulfil a role in an emergency response.

Through our partnerships with RTO's we can offer VET accredited training or in-house bespoke development opportunities for your organisation and team with a focus on providing them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond to emergency situations.

We were a part of the efforts to develop nationally standardised biosecurity emergency response training in Australia and developed the Incident Manager and other modules. We continue to offer training and assessment under the Public Safety Training Package for individual Units of Competency, Skill sets and Qualifications for your responders, team leaders and managers including specialist workshops for Response Planning, Field Surveillance, IP Operations and Movement Control staff.

With a network of trainers, assessors and content developers available, our support includes:

  • Training and organisational capability strategy development

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Development of training programs including providing Training and Assessment Strategies for learner cohorts and training courses

  • Contextualisation of material and creation of additional resources and training scenarios to enhance training and suit your operating environment

  • Delivery and assessment of accredited and unaccredited training

Book a time to talk with us via Calendly to talk about what your biosecurity training needs are.

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