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Biosecurity Emergency Response Training

We are a recognised trainer and assessor in the BERTA program with involvement since the very early days in developing the concept of nationally standardised training delivery and assessment to ensure better outcomes and consistency for biosecurity emergency response training across Australia. From those early days we were involved in the development and review of key parts of the BERTA material and have subsequently delivered and assessed multiple Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma modules across the country.


The BERTA material provides a base material of training and assessment content that needs to be contextualised to suit your learners' and jurisdiction's needs and operating environment. We can make BERTA easy to introduce and deliver in your agency whilst focusing on developing learners to be 'mission ready' to be deployed in a biosecurity emergency response. 


Biosecurity emergency responses are characterised by their Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). Managing this VUCA factor, and the impact on responders in working in this type of environment, means that theoretical learning in itself is insufficent and can set staff, and a response, up to fail. A critical part of our approach to biosecurity response training is ensuring learners have the opportunity to practice skills and experience the VUCA nature of a response in a safe, supportive learning environment that focuses on developing their knowledge, confidence and competence to fulfil a role in an emergency response.

With a network of trainers, assessors and content developers available, our support includes:

  • Training and organisational capability strategy development

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Development of training programs including providing Training and Assessment Strategies for learner cohorts and training courses

  • Contextualisation of BERTA material and creation of additional resources and training scenarios to enhance training

  • Delivery and assessment of accredited and unaccredited training

Talk to us about your training needs and how we can make biosecurity emergency response training effective in your organisation.

What is BERTA?

BERTA (Biosecurity Emergency Response Training Australia) is the set of learning materials designed to provide a nationally standardised suite of training and assessment modules for the biosecurity emergency response qualifications in the Public Safety training package under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Three qualifications are offered under BERTA - 

  • Certificate III in Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Operations) (PUA30919). 


Designed for staff working as biosecurity emergency responders working in Control Centres or field teams.

  • Certificate IV in Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Leadership) (PUA40419). 


Aimed at Team Leaders working in a biosecurity emergency response leaders to develop skills to direct and oversee teams of responders, ensuring all team activities safely, effectively and efficiently implement the relevant aspects of the incident action plan.

  • Diploma in Public Safety (Biosecurity Emergency Response Management) (PUA50219). 


Designed for biosecurity emergency response managers to lead and manage multiple teams of biosecurity emergency responders, whilst ensuring all response activities are safely, effectively and efficiently implemented.


The BERTA materials are designed to meet the needs of government staff. Talk to us about how we can customise training for industry associations interested in developing Liaison and Incident Management capability or Incident Response and Management training for private enterprises.

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